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                                    About us

                                    Wujiang Wanlong Textile Co., Ltd, which is the core enterprise of Wanlong Textile Group locates in the ‘Silk Capital’ of Shengze textile cluster (Pingwang town). Wanlong Textile Group owns business branches including: home textile & apparel fabric’s weaving, dyeing & finishing, intelligent textile machinery manufacturing, information technology services for textile industry.
                                    Founded in 2002, we now own over 500 sets of water jet jacquard looms and texturing, twisting, pile cutting, bonding and finishing machines, and our own dyeing house with 40 dyeing machines 6 setting machines. Daily output is 180,000 meters, export revenue is 60 million US dollars.
                                    We locate in the most developed area of transportation, culture and economy conditions, which is adjoining Shanghai to the east, bordering on Hangzhou to the south, being close to Suzhou to the north. We are only 2km to get to G1522 and G50 Expressway, only one hour to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, and Hangzhou, Wuxi Airport.
                                    Highly advance machineries and technologies developed by manufacturers of global repute, expert engineers and management teamwork guarantee our unwavering commitment that to meet customer’s demand and satisfy customer.
                                    We are vertically integrated from yarn texturizing, yarn twisting, to weaving, pile cutting, dyeing & finishing. Main products are: suede series, corduroy series, faux linen series, super width microfiber series, dimout & blackout series and other home textile fabrics, all kinds of imitation silk fabric for lady’s fashion, width from 150cm to 280cm.
                                    We dedicate to providing excellent and innovative products and service and creating value for our customers globally, and enjoy a worldwide reputation. 80% of our fabrics are exported to over 50 countries and regions, such as Germany, Poland, USA, Russia, Australia, Brazil, South America, Japan. Our booths are available at Heimtextil Frankfurt, Canton Fair, East China Fair, intertextile home textiles and inertextile apparel fabrics (Shanghai & Guangzhou).
                                    Suppliers and customers as our stakeholders are our most important partners. Sincere cooperation among partners insures common benefit, which is also sustainable. By adopting good suggestion and proposal of our partners, we improve product and service quality constantly.
                                    Wanlong textile – Your partner on the successful way.


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